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HR Core - Workforce & Organisation Information Management

Zampa HR Core is designed to automate complex HR processes and manage corporate, employee, contingent workers, third-and party contractor HR data, stakeholder records and information within a single, secure SaaS software solution.
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Transform the Management of Corporate HR data, System Records, Workforce Stakeholder Information & Automate Complex HR Processes

Zampa HR Core enables any user with the appropriate access rights to independently manage organisational, employee or external workforce HR data, information or system records and complete role specific HR tasks such as updating employee or stakeholder information, submitting leave or training requests, initiating or completing performance reviews, uploading or updating certifications.

A key differentiator of Zampa HR Core is the ability for organisations to manage corporate, individual (employees, contingent workers, third-party contractors) and external organisational (vendors and suppliers) HR data, system records and information from onboarding through to offboarding, all within a single centralised software solution.

HR Core also automates complex HR processes to provide executive leadership, HR departments and line managers with a more efficient way to present, manage and promote corporate and business structures; organisational charts, workforce positions, functional roles and reporting lines; and live workforce reporting, insights and analytics to support strategic business planning.

Zampa HR Core can help organisations:

  • Manage corporate and distributed workforce HR data, stakeholder records and information accessible through a secure Saas solution to create a single source of truth
  • Automate HR processes and workflows to provide employees, contractors and contingent workers with self-service capabilities which eliminates administrative bottlenecks and dependence
  • Enable distributed teams access to organisational charts, document libraries, searchable workforce directories and employee profiles including position descriptions and contact information
  • Provide executive leadership and managers with a more efficient way to access, manage and view workforce data, complete role specific HR tasks and conduct in-depth workforce reporting analysis

Feature Overview

Employee Self-Service (ESS)
Enable employees with direct access to view and update their own information and complete HR or employee related tasks such as applying for leave, training requests, complete performance reviews, update goals and renew qualifications.
Manager Self-Service
Provide managers with more efficient ways to manage workforce related tasks, access their own or direct reports data and enable them to approve transfer, leave and training requests, complete performance reviews, update stakeholder goals, renew qualifications and send out alerts, tasks, notifications or announcements to organisational directories.
Vendor Self-Service
Provide contractor and vendor administrators with restricted access to manage, view and update their own contingent workforce information (skills, accreditations and training) and complete any related tasks issued.
Centralised Workforce HR Database & Employee Directory
Track all workforce HR information within searchable HR databases and employee systems of record enabling any employee, manager or business leader to search, filter and find employee information including roles, skills, contact information, emergency contacts, work history, qualifications and job history.
Organisational Hierarchies, Structures & Charts
Define and manage corporate structures, business unit hierarchies, functional roles and reporting organisational reporting lines to identify departments, managers or individual workers with an easy-to-navigate graphical representation of the business.
Workforce Reporting & Analytics
Powerful analytics accompanied by standardised or custom reports enable in-depth workforce reporting, insights and analysis to identify emerging trends, gaps and issues to better support strategic, organisational and operational workforce decision-making.
Leave, Resignation & Transfer Request Management
Manage and respond to leave, resignation and transfer requests with automated approval processes, notifications and workflows via digital dashboards and calendars to lessen administrative burden and streamline request management procedures.
Custom Forms Builder & Template Library
Automate core HR processes across departments, functions and regions with a flexible forms builder and custom or default template library with a configurable workflow builder and notification engine.
Stakeholder Communication
Share company news, promote events and proactively engage with employees across the entire organisation irrespective of location with ‘townhall’ style messaging functionality.
Digital E-Signature
Improve administrative processes and compliance management practices by permitting employee, contingent workers and contractors to sign policies, forms and documents electronically.

Workforce Lifecycle Management Software Deployment Options

Every proposed Zampa solution is tailored to an organisation’s unique operating context and workforce management challenges and priorities. Zampa can be deployed either as a single platform or through a combination of individual modules using our proprietary 'Listen, Learn, Lead' methodology.
Co-managed Option
For growth phase companies without dedicated resources who require a co-managed deployment model with ongoing support of a dedicated team.
Plug & Play Option
For companies with internal expertise who require a plug & play deployment model with access to software support & consulting services.
Enterprise Option
For mature companies with internal teams who require standard SaaS deployment model with access to software support & consulting services.

Our Case Studies

Selected workforce lifecycle management software & consulting services case studies for organisations operating with a blended workforce within high-risk or highly compliant industry sectors.

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