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Workforce Activity, Intelligence & Reporting Software

Workforce activity, intelligence and reporting management software designed for organisations operating across multiple locations, projects, and facilities with a blended workforce of employees, third-party contractors, and suppliers.
Your business challenges are unique. We believe advice & solutions should be too.

Discover how Workforce Activity & Performance Intelligence Software can Improve Workforce Performance, Productivity & Profitability

Capturing, managing and verifying operational workforce activities is an increasingly strategic concern for organisations due to the recent impacts of COVID-19 as senior executives and management teams rely upon intelligence, data and information to support strategic, tactical and daily operational business decisions. Using a combination of software, consulting expertise and frameworks, Zampa can streamline workforce activity management, reduce payroll burden, increase visibility into workforce intelligence and improve compliance requirements across operational processes and activities.

Zampa has a proven track record in helping executive leadership, HR, HSEQ, PM and facility management teams bridge the gap between workforce activities, regulatory compliance requirements and payroll/timesheet management whilst providing intelligence reporting across the organisation.

By digitising, standardising, and automating workforce activity, intelligence and reporting management processes, organisations can:

  • Monitor stakeholder activity movement with check-in/check-out and geolocation functionality
  • Integrate check-in/check-out processes with timesheet reporting & payroll systems
  • Enforce and verify stakeholder compliance remotely
  • Ensure organisational regulatory and legislative compliance requirements are met
  • Capture and analyse workforce intelligence data through robust reporting capabilities

Discover how Zampa can help executive leadership and management teams support compliance sign-in requirements, capture and analyse intelligence data and streamline timesheet management for their workforce across day-to-day operations, projects and facilities with tailored software solutions and consulting expertise.

Feature Overview

Configurable & Secure Cloud-Based Workforce Activity Management
Eliminate manual and paper-based check-in/check-out, timesheet, and activity management processes with a secure, cloud-based software solution.
Check-In / Check-Out Management
Capture, monitor and verify workforce, vendor, and contractor activities with integrated check-in/check-out functionality that aligns to any organisational day-to-day operation, project, or facility requirement.
Facial Recognition & Geolocation Data Management
Verify and ensure operational, project and facility compliance requirements are met by utilising facial check-in and geolocation functionality for your workforce to maintain personnel integrity.
Check-In / Check-Out, Timesheet & Payroll Integration
Robust check-in/check-out record management functionality allows any stakeholder timesheet to be captured, automated and integrated into an existing payroll solution to remove duplication efforts and payroll admin burden.
Customisable Workflow & Task Management Functionality
Integrating organisational workflows enables executive and managerial teams to monitor check-in/check-out activity, verify workforce, vendor, and contractor timesheet data and monitor outstanding stakeholder tasks.
Configurable Activity Management Reporting
Configurable reporting capabilities enables managerial teams to check, verify, assess, and report on workforce, vendor, and contractor activities across organisational, project or facility levels.

Workforce Lifecycle Management Software Deployment Options

Every proposed Zampa solution is tailored to an organisation’s unique operating context and workforce management challenges and priorities. Zampa can be deployed either as a single platform or through a combination of individual modules using our proprietary 'Listen, Learn, Lead' methodology.
Co-managed Option
For growth phase companies without dedicated resources who require a co-managed deployment model with ongoing support of a dedicated team.
Plug & Play Option
For companies with internal expertise who require a plug & play deployment model with access to software support & consulting services.
Enterprise Option
For mature companies with internal teams who require a standard SaaS deployment model with access to software support & consulting services.

Our Case Studies

Selected workforce lifecycle management software & consulting services case studies for organisations operating with a blended workforce within high-risk or highly compliant industry sectors.

Is your Organisation Struggling to Manage Workforce Resourcing, Performance, Governance & Compliance?

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